Simplified transformation tailored just for you

HP WorkPlace360 Services provides a globally consistent, full lifecycle desktop management solution. HP experts develop a clear plan to transform your environment with quick and efficient deployment strategies that are minimally disruptive to users and operations. Everything is designed around your business and IT needs.

Service flexibility supported by financial choices

We configure a profile for each user that includes hardware, software, and services. We know it is expensive to manage a highly customized aging infrastructure and user devices. We provide an OPEX model that greatly reduces your capital requirements and leverages your existing IT investments wherever possible. The predictable monthly price per seat means no need to budget for refreshes, and no asset maintenance issues.


Your optimized solutions empowered by HP

Keeping up with the latest technology is difficult, especially with an overburdened IT staff, which undoubtedly negatively impacts user productivity. Stringent industry or regulatory security requirements must not be ignored or delayed.

We collaborate on your future vision, define it, take you on the journey, and manage it ongoing. The plan aligns with the pace of change that is just right for your business. This means we can help you transform your enterprise all at once or incrementally, or anything in between. We know how important it is to leverage existing IT investments, and we do so whenever possible.

Best of all, you stay in control. Configurable user profiles let you match each employee's business role with the right combination of hardware and support, so you decide who gets what. You also specify the packaged applications deployed to each profile as well as the level of support provided.


Full life-cycle solution starts with software management

Let us package and test software to prepare it for automated deployment. We quickly install, update and manage applications and patches to keep your workplace devices current and secure. Transform your environment with operating system and application migrations that deliver a refined IT experience for your users and business results.

Learn about our Workplace Software Management Services


HP is a trusted partner with extensive experience and expertise

HP WorkPlace360 Services experts transform your workplace with an easy to consume solution that is fast to deploy and brings an enhanced user experience. This flexible service can be dialed up or down in response to your needs and easily integrates with other services. HP brings simplified, consistent and comprehensive management. Rest assured, HP is a trusted advisor with extensive expertise and experience.


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