IT Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services

Organizations that are looking to lower their Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improve their agility or move to a standards-based platform environment, often begin with migration and upgrade projects. The size and complexity of these projects will depend on the environments/platforms being migrated which can include complex environments such as IBM mainframe, UNISYS mainframe and OpenVMS and large distributed environments such as Solaris, AIX, Linux and Microsoft. Each of these environments has its own specialties and it is important that the right target platform is selected, the correct migration process is followed and the whole process is led by migration specialists for the specific environment to ensure business and technical objectives are met.

Ask yourself the following questions

  • Is your current platform meeting your IT and business requirements?
  • If you need to transition to a new platform now or in the future, what is the ideal option?
  • How will you accomplish a risk-mitigated transition? And how long will the process take?

HP Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services help you identify the right target environment for your applications and to transition to that environment, including, building the business case, ensuring migration feasibility, designing the solution, creating the plan and executing the migration implementation, ensuring all aspects of the environment are covered.

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