Support for your hybrid cloud

Cloud computing is likely changing much of what you do, including how you implement and support your infrastructure. HP believes organizations will need to implement a hybrid delivery strategy that leverages the right mix of public and private cloud resources to optimize application and service creation and delivery. And cloud natives can use speed as a competitive weapon, but your infrastructure matters. With an agile, continuously available and flexible infrastructure, you can make the moves that you need to take advantage of new opportunities and meet new needs quickly.

HP Helion Professional Services is a comprehensive portfolio to advise, transform, and manage your cloud journeys and investments with an end-to-end lifecycle approach. HP Datacenter Care for Cloud is the support offering within the Manage phase of the lifecycle, designed to help you operate and optimize and evolve your cloud environment.

How can you continue to deliver an enterprise-grade experience to the business as you adopt the hybrid cloud model? Until now, no unified support for hybrid cloud has been available. That changes—with HP Hybrid Support. A component of HP Datacenter Care, HP Hybrid Support offers a unified, defined enterprise-grade support experience as you consume resources and run workloads.

And with Datacenter Care - Infrastructure Automation, you can extend support to continuous automation environments with support for your platform - hardware, operating environment and automation tools. Gain a reliable platform that enables rapid and reliable deployment of the exact environment - whether you use HP Helion OpenStack or systems such as Chef - that you need as you make continuous updates and revisions to meet business opportunities.

And of course, use Flexible Capacity for a pay per use model for the on-premise IT capacity you need, get instant scalability, and minimize your risk.

And we can bring expertise from all of HP - strategy, planning, design, implementation, as well as training – to you within the Datacenter Care relationship, to minimize false steps and to free up your staff for innovation.

With Datacenter Care for Cloud, the net result is one partner that you can rely on globally to support you in your path to make your hybrid cloud a reality.

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Jerome Findlayter, who can help you plan, implement, operate, and evolve your converged cloud workloads—so you can optimize the benefits.

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