A comprehensive Health and Life Sciences portfolio

Managing chaos and uncertainty—market consolidation, healthcare reform, innovations in bioscience, consumer engagement, new business models, and more diverse demographics— is forcing the transformation of your entire value chain.

By enabling systems, processes and people with speed, precision and accuracy, we can help you drive accountability—from research, patient care and community outreach to payer systems and services.

Discover our comprehensive portfolio of solutions designed specifically for the Health and Life Sciences industries.


Government Health and Human Services

Health and Human Services agencies are facing greater challenges today than ever before, and those challenges are expected to continue well into the future. Today more than ever before, governments must be focused on managing a growing demand for services while optimizing budgets and improving the quality of their services.

Healthcare Providers

As a healthcare services provider, you face growing demand, rising operational costs and new regulatory requirements. You need to be more efficient while improving your hospital's quality of care and ensuring patient safety. HP offers Healthcare Providers solutions focus on enabling real-time information sharing as well as a vision and blueprint for the future.

Health Plans

HP solutions for Health Plans can help you gain the agility and speed you need to meet changing industry demands, operate more efficiently and effectively, and grow by modernizing your IT environment. HP provides a cost-effective delivery model, proven processes and technologies, and the industry expertise to guide you through the business evolution.

Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

HP offers global, integrated technology solutions to Life Sciences organization that reduce operational costs, improve collaboration across the life sciences ecosystem, mitigate compliance risks and drive innovation so that you can focus on accelerating new drug discovery and development to bring products to market quickly.


Health and Life Sciences Solutions

Atlantes Care Management Solution

Designed by clinicians, HP’s Atlantes Care Management solution allows commercial and government payers to deliver comprehensive collaborative care management. The Atlantes web and mobile enabled solution addresses the work flow needs of population health management across diverse programs. These range from wellness and lifestyle management to chronic condition and disease management to home and community based services. Its flexibility can provide value at every point in the continuum of care.

Government Healthcare Business Process Services

Our Government Healthcare BPS portfolio delivers best practice management of: claims, eligibility/enrollment, HIPAA compliance, managed care and oversight, early/periodic screening, HIE, drug benefits/reviews, immunizations, fraud/abuse, ePrescribing, healthcare portals and other related functions.

  • interChange: An MMIS that streamlines: claims, managed care oversight, eligibility and enrollment, HIPAA compliance, early and periodic screening and EHR/HIE.
  • Drug Utilization DUR+: Evaluates and compares clinical data with drug and medical claims. It eliminates waits for prior authorizations.
  • Immunization Registry: Automates recording, tracking inventory, duplicate checking and reports.
  • ePrescribing: Interacts with your MMIS for real time, member specific data for reviews and dosing adjustments

Healthcare Portal Solution

HP Healthcare Portal Solutions is a web-based system bringing together traditionally disparate backend systems to present a unified consumer-centric picture of health. HP Healthcare Portal Solutions is released on a regular schedule providing continuous improvements and new feature enhancements.

The solution provides secure on-line access to personal health information for members and providers ranging from Care Management through to Electronic Health Records and ePrescribing. It provides a 24/7 information, transaction and communications channel and eases navigation while addressing regulatory compliancy and secure access requirements.