IMDS as automobile industry standard

IMDS compliance and design advantages

Today automotive, aircraft, toy and electronics manufacturers, and a growing list of others, are required to keep extensive materials data to comply with global regulations and environmental laws on such concerns as hazardous substances. HP International Material Data System (IMDS, provides a database of information on components and materials to make compliance easier.

There is a high cost for each manufacturer to assemble, store, and maintain such information. The ability to selectively share materials information with similar companies would be costly, too. IMDS was created by HP for an association of manufacturers to make supplier facts accessible economically. Its security policies keep proprietary information protected while other information is shared.

As a manufacturer, you need a materials system maintained 24/7 for your designers around the world. It’s easy with IMDS—already the world automotive standard—or an HP standard solution for your industry.


Global materials database

IMDS enables you to create, manage, receive and analyze materials information for regulatory compliance and design improvements.

Suppliers provide 100% disclosure of substances contained in each part or device. With one click you get an analysis of the substances involved in a component. IMDS versions and sorts your data. It provides a full overview of the materials built into your products, via different languages and part-numbering systems.

IMDS is web-accessible and independent of your system architecture. Highly password-protected, it gives you an international communication medium for manufacturing.


Green, global manufacturing

Worldwide, there is a clear trend toward greener legislation. Once there were only four heavy metals restricted by legislation; today there are many more substances. REACH legislation has added still more to the list. To comply with laws, it’s vital for manufacturers and suppliers to have worldwide knowledge of restricted substances and know which substances are included in their components.

The need to share and access information is huge, not only for compliance but also for economic and competitive advantages in product design. But the cost of collecting and maintaining the data is prohibitive. We make it easy with IMDS for automotive and the HP Compliance Data Exchange (CDX), an HP standard solution, for other manufacturing industries.


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