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HP Datacenter Care for Cloud

As your cloud environment grows and takes on an increasingly important role in your business, your attention turns to how you can achieve world class operational efficiency. We can help you address the successful operation of your cloud by leveraging the unique knowledge of HP experts and our global infrastructure. We bring our proven know-how and reach to your cloud environment through two complementary operation services:

You have implemented an OpenStack Cloud – but the challenges do not end there. As with any cloud environment, you now focus on optimizing and supporting your cloud. You may not have all the expertise on the staff you need to achieve world-class operational efficiency, or to develop custom code to help you achieve your business goals. You can turn to our HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services experts who have the experience in OpenStack and hybrid cloud technologies to enable your continued success.

Support tailored for your cloud environment

HP Datacenter Care for Cloud

HP Datacenter Care for Cloud provides you with the support you need to deliver IT stability for your specific cloud environment. It is designed to be HP’s most flexible support offering, tailored to meet your specific business requirements. HP Datacenter Care for Cloud covers all or part of your IT environment including HP and multivendor equipment, HP cloud management and automation software, HP Helion OpenStack, and can bring the Helion Professional Services needed as you extend workloads to a hybrid cloud environment.

With HP Datacenter Care for Cloud, you have Cloud expertise on call. The base service provides you with an Assigned Account Team to manage your overall support experience—plus access to HP’s enhanced call-handling experience. Count on fast access to a single point of contact who really knows your environment and can manage the resolution by engaging technical experts when necessary. You also have the ability to add features such as Flexible Capacity Service, where you pay only for the capacity you need, or HP Hybrid Support, which works across service providers in a hybrid cloud environment. These features and flexibility make it easy to tailor support for your unique cloud environment.

HP Support for Helion OpenStack provides global support for the HP Helion OpenStack products through Foundation Care services, offering a variety of reactive support levels including 24x7 coverage, as well as help and advice from our team of HP experts. Customers with systems already supported by HP can now extend their current support, such as Datacenter Care, to include HP Helion OpenStack for a holistic support experience covering both hardware and software through a single vendor and team, giving you the single point of accountability to own issues through to resolution. With HP’s Installation & Startup service for Helion OpenStack, shorten your time to value using the HP Helion OpenStack products.

HP Applications Management Services for Cloud

You need to be able to manage, operate, maintain and enhance your applications running in the cloud. This is no simple task. With Applications Management Services for Cloud, we provide management expertise across diverse application technologies, including custom, commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise, and emerging applications.

We bring you time-tested best practices and benefits of our traditional business-driven application management approach for the new style of IT, with a focus on the unique needs and increased flexibility of a cloud environment. We can meet your applications management needs across private cloud, hybrid cloud, or non-cloud environments – seamlessly and securely.

HP Helion OpenStack Technology Optimization Service

You need to be able to face all the operational challenges you may face with your OpenStack cloud. These challenges include onboarding new applications, maintaining security and availability, developing custom code, optimizing your environment, while reducing risk. You are also likely not just running one environment. You may have a development, test and production environment in multiple locations all with many unique project trajectories.

Our HP Helion OpenStack Professional Services team has years of experience running and supporting the HP Public Cloud, as well as customer’s OpenStack and hybrid cloud environments.

Why partner with HP for your cloud journey

You demand knowledgeable assistance from experienced and trusted partners like HP to provide prescriptive guidance throughout your cloud journey. We deliver:

  • Cloud experts with industry leading knowledge, experience, and best practices developed across geography, public sector and private sector engagements
  • Consistent global delivery of world class cloud professional services
  • End-to-end innovative solutions that integrate business processes, applications, infrastructure and operations
  • A single point of accountability for all professional services
  • Hybrid delivery models across private, managed and public cloud
  • Knowledge of enterprise OpenStack technology solutions to help you seamlessly integrate OpenStack software into your cloud environment

Meet the Expert

Connect with our HP technology experts like Jerome Findlayter, who can help you plan, implement, operate, and evolve your converged cloud workloads—so you can optimize the benefits.


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