Building a cloud that properly enables your IT environment can positively impact your entire organization. Remove the guesswork as you build your cloud by working with a trusted partner and OpenStack technology community leader who is committed to your success.

HPE brings extensive OpenStack software development knowledge and decades of datacenter transformation experience to HPE Helion OpenStack. Building a product based on hands-on experience means we can offer you an enterprise-grade solution specifically tuned to help you manage your cloud. And when you partner with HPE, you know you have access to the global support, services, education, and training you need to get up and running quickly.

Configure your cloud with confidence when you choose a trusted partner and HPE Helion OpenStack.

It was important for myLoc to find a vendor and a partner who could deliver the latest technology and help us deliver a cloud that maximizes the flexibility of hardware resources.

— Christoph Herrnkind, CEO, myLocRead the case study

With HPE Helion OpenStack, you benefit from the following features:


OpenStack is always growing and evolving. So we've brought together some of the leading thinkers in the open source community to share their insights with you.

Listen to these Project Team Leads (PTLs) describe fascinating details about the OpenStack projects they run and gain deeper insight into their passion as they share their stories. Learn about how they got started, what they have built, and even an occasional tale of breaking things along the way.

This video series is dedicated to you, and everyone else, in the open source community. After watching these videos, we hope you will share them with your peers and continue the conversation. It is only by sharing insights and information that we can help open source to continue evolving and innovating.

Over three years ago, Kiall Mac Innes started Designate. Listen to what he has to say about it, DNS, and its role in the open cloud in this interview from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

What’s new in the Kilo cycle version of Oslo? Find out from Oslo Project Team Lead Doug Hellmann in this interview from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

Infrastructure Project Team Lead James Blair discusses what’s new with Infrastructure, HPE Helion, and OpenStack.

Keystone brings it all together in the open cloud. Find out more in this interview with Keystone PTL Morgan Fainberg from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

With over 50 plugins and 100+ people contributing, Neutron is big. Hear what Project Team Lead Kyle Mestery has to say about it in this interview from the Vancouver OpenStack Summit.

What if you could get an abstraction layer for virtual machines, physical machines, and containers? Ironic makes it happen. Get the inside story from Ironic Project Team Lead Devananda Van Der Veen in this interview from the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver.

Listen to what Trove Project Team Lead Nikhil Manchanda has to say about Trove, OpenStack, and HPE Helion.

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