The industry’s most complete OSS solution portfolio

Are you considering deploying Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) but challenged by the lack of a global approach to orchestrate services in a hybrid physical and virtualized environment? Do you see the complexity in hybrid service operations as an obstacle to achieve service agility and enabling quick time to market of new services and cost savings? Do you lack visibility of how your customers perceive the quality of your services?

These are some of the top concerns expressed by communication service providers (CSPs) today. HPE addresses all these challenges with our OSS Orchestration solutions for managing virtualized, and mixed physical and virtualized infrastructure, and with our integrated OSS Assurance and Fulfillment solutions. This HPE OSS super-suite:

  • Enables service agility in a hybrid environment and provides end-to-end service orchestration capability spanning NFV operations and existing OSS, with the new HPE Service Director solution.
  • Provides management and orchestration of the virtualized infrastructure with HPE NFV Director solution.
  • Offers a full suite of integrated OSS Fulfillment and Assurance solutions.
  • Takes a transformational approach to realize your operational business goals.
  • Offers pre-packaged and pre-configured off-the-shelf solutions to avoid lengthy and costly implementation.

HPE OSS allows you to grow and anticipate new technologies with confidence – no need to re-build - just re-configure. We call this approach the “Agile Service Operations Factory” – a successful concept proven at hundreds of CSPs world-wide, driving multiple benefits such as quicker time to market, reduced risks and costs, protecting your investment for the future, and enabling you to differentiate through superior customer experience to efficiently face competition.


OSS solution areas

Operations Support System Fulfillment Solutions
Streamline and automate processes for customer orders, activation and change management

Operations Support System Assurance Solutions
Assuring quality of the services delivered to end customers

Operations Support System Orchestration
Move into the virtualization era with confidence – meet the operational challenges of the mixed physical and virtualized environment with HPE’s approach, bridging old and new, to enable a successful NFV transformation.

The new HPE Service Director solution was announced in January, 2016. It delivers on the HPE OSS strategy of bringing the operational benefits of NFV into a new mixed physical/virtual OSS. See announcement at:
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Simplifies NFV Operations for Communications Service Providers.

The HPE OSS Orchestration offering includes:

  • HPE NFV Director, which delivers management and orchestration of the virtualized infrastructure. Its approach of closed-loop automation across fulfillment and assurance, and common data and service model, bring significant benefits in terms of service agility. Our OSS strategy leverages this operational paradigm to build a new mixed physical/virtual OSS, based on HPE Service Director.

    HPE NFV Director solution overview: Realizing virtualization

  • HPE Service Director delivers on our new OSS strategy – It has been built specifically to address the obstacles preventing service agility when operating mixed environments, to allow you to operationalize old and new – at the speed of new. HPE Service Director seamlessly combines fulfillment and assurance, is model-driven, and provides end-to-end service orchestration capability spanning the NFV operations and existing OSS silos.

    HPE Business White Paper: Reimagining OSS for service agility in hybrid networks

HPE Service Director features include:

  • Automation – Enabling closed-loop automation of assurance and fulfillment for unified operations
  • Shared information – Utilizing common data to help ensure quality and accuracy and “single pane of glass” management, providing a comprehensive view to improve productivity
  • Dynamic service descriptors – HPE R&D innovation, providing open, flexible modeling of services, their relationships and their behavior, to drive operational agility
  • Openness – Delivering the ability to interface with third-party components, including SDN controllers and policy engines, to enable dynamic, highly personalized modes of service delivery

HPE Service Director enables a successful NFV transformation by complementing the HPE OpenNFV portfolio offerings:

  • Production ready NFV platforms and orchestration solutions
  • A rich ecosystem of virtual network functions (VNF) partners and solutions, pre-integrated in HPE OpenNFV Labs
  • Transformation consulting and services with IT, Cloud, and telecom expertise with global coverage