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HP sites in Czech Republic

HP has been continuously present on Czech market since 1967. Back then, all the activities were managed by HP Vienna. An HP trade agency was established in Czechoslovakia in 1979. Hewlett-Packard, s.r.o. (HP CZ) was founded May 1st 1991 and employed 40 employees. The first big deal won by HP was a project for VZP ČR at the amount of 10 mld USD. Very important points in HP history were the HP and Compaq merge in 2002 and HP and EDS megre in 2008. Nowadays Hewlett-Packard, s.r.o. has over 1000 employees and nearly 200 contingent workers who are situated in 4 HP offices – 3 in Prague, Rudná u Prahy.

1. Prague
2. Rudna u Prahy