Do you need an affordable and efficient array system with high availability and performance? The HP EVA P6000 is an easy to use, capacity enhanced storage system with built-in virtualization letting you to consolidate storage and simplify your IT. The EVA P6000 also offers high performance, high availability, and robust data protection.

Combined with your favorite database, email, ERP or other applications, the EVA P6000 provides an integrated end-to-end solution that helps drive your business. See improved storage density with built-in Thin Provisioning and a smaller footprint in your data center with 2.5-inch SAS disk drives.

The EVA P6000 offers multi-protocol support to your SAN with 8Gb/s Fibre Channel, 1Gb/s iSCSI, and 10Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE options. It provides a better business value by eliminating stranded capacity and maximizing performance.

EVA P6000 uses all the disks to send and retrieve data and can dynamically expand virtual disks as data grows.

Co je nového

  • New EVA XCS firmware 11200000, with HP P6000 Command View 10.3, provides support for UNMAP for VMware VAAI and Windows Server 2012, for reclaiming block space on thin provisioned LUNs


Easy to Use and Economical to Own

The HP EVA P6000 Storage family is the recognized leader when it comes to array management. Because the EVA P6000 has built-in virtualization, it is easy to provision storage, add storage, and protect data. This ease of use translates into savings for the customer.
The EVA P6000 improves utilization and reduces the expense of explosive data growth with a virtualized design that is a perfect complement for the converged infrastructure.
The EVA P6000 has a modular design making it easy to select an affordable entry configuration while easily expanding later and scaling up to 720TB.
With new small form factor (SFF) disk drives, the EVA P6000 requires less energy to store the same amount of data compared to the previous generation array.

Highly Effective Virtual Storage in Rapidly Changing Environments

In a virtual server environment where speedy deployment of new servers is critical, the HP EVA P6000 family offers a complementary adaptable storage solution. Configuring the EVA P6000 from VMware Vcenter makes for easy provisioning.
The EVA P6000 offers flexible SAN connectivity options with built-in 8Gb/s Fibre Channel ports, 1Gb/s iSCSI ports, or 10Gb/s iSCSI/FCoE ports. Your investment in the EVA P6000 is protected as your needs for SAN connectivity change over time.
The EVA P6000 is broadly used across many industries with a variety of applications and with robust OS compatibility.
With new Thin Provisioning software, gain efficiencies in capacity utilization, saving disk space compared to traditional provisioning.
As the lifecycle for data changes, use the EVA P6000 dynamic LUN migration feature to easily move data to less expensive storage, all with no interruption to the application.

Excellent Reliability and Availability

Strategic options for the EVA P6000 Systems are P6000 Business Copy Software and P6000 Continuous Access Software for replication needs. These improve data availability and business agility supporting business continuance and disaster tolerant environments for key business applications.
Fifth generation of the HP virtual array system means built in quality.
HP Cluster Extension software helps customers meet their Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives through seamless integration of the P6000 Continuous Access Software remote replication capabilities with Window and Linux high-availability server clustering solutions.

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