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HP Benefits - Germany

At HP Germany, we live through our employees. People full of ideas and spirit, creativity and talent. People who work together in the name of progress. People like you.

We want to help you do your job as much as we can. So we provide an environment that gives you the space to unfold and develop.

And then when you produce that next great piece of work, we’ll recognize and reward your success.

Working hours

Working for HP means working with flexibility. So we not only allow you to set your own hours, but we give you a range of other options to accommodate your personal needs.

Basic rules

The contractual working hours for full-time employees amount to 38 hours per week, while normal business working hours amount to 40 hours per week. This means that every week 2 hours are credited to your free time account. You can then use this account to take individual free hours, days or weeks. Or you can use this saved time towards further education, or even early or flexible retirement.

Other offers available include satellite working, job sharing and part-time opportunities.


The very simple, extended-time formula: 100% = 80% + 20%, with 40 hours per week = 100%. This means you can save up to 8 hours, or 20%, per week on your free time account – with the appropriate adjustment to your salary.

Working time

Determine your own working hours between 6 am and 7 pm.


Work up to 3 hours per week in advance or arrears. Then just balance out the time by the end of the month.


You have a right to 30 working days of holiday a year. Annual holiday that is not taken is credited to your free time account on the 31st December.


Remuneration at HP is based on the Total Rewards Program, a program that promotes and recognizes performance from employees, divisions and the company as a whole. It’s a great way for employees to participate in the company’s success, while being rewarded for their own.

Basic salary

A competitive basic salary is the most important aspect of the HP remuneration system. In addition, we offer a holiday allowance (72% of a month’s salary) and a special payment (50% of a month’s salary).

Variable remuneration

Your salary also consists of variable components formulated to match individual and company success. The variable performance bonus, for instance, allows employees to share in the success of HP world-wide depending on company results and personal achievements. Sales staff at HP receive a basic salary and, depending on individual sales target attainment, a variable share.

Social benefits

We offer numerous additional benefits that go well beyond the norm. We cover you and your dependants in old age, and also in the unfortunate event of invalidity or death. You’ll also have access to benefits for your health and well-being. The essential components are:
  • Pension scheme, a complement to private and legal provision
  • Sickness benefit for longer periods of illness
  • Staff advisory program for particularly difficult situations in life