Technology to serve your dynamic business

Your business faces many challenges—staying competitive; managing mergers or acquisitions; complying with industry regulations; and bringing products or services to market faster. Your IT architecture should support you, not hold you back.

Many companies are dealing with inflexible applications that are hardwired in traditional point-to-point fashion, making it challenging and time-consuming to make changes as needed. One seemingly small change may require extensive re-coding, testing and deploying of multiple applications, requiring more resources and time than your business can afford.

HP SOA and Integration Services provides the strategy, design, development and implementation services you need to move to a service-oriented architecture; or to integrate applications, allowing the speed, agility and flexibility your business demands.


The integration and architecture you need

HP offers both SOA and application integration services which create modern, integrated architecture, enabling seamless applications integration within your enterprise or externally with business partners. We build application logic that is shared and reusable across your network and easily composed for greater agility.


There are six features of our services:

  • Assessment & Planning: Creates the roadmap to guide your transition
  • Governance: Establishes the policies, processes, framework, roles and responsibilities
  • Center of Excellence: Establishes best practices, procedures, and organizational models to accelerate SOA adoption
  • Architecture Services: Establishes the management program that oversees building and implementing your architecture
  • Design & Development: Identifies, builds and implements services supporting the applications infrastructure, including a service bus to enable applications integration
  • Management services: Maintaining, monitoring and administering SOA and integration