Manage and secure your cloud environments with us

Our Enterprise Cloud Services-Virtual Private Cloud provides infrastructure services without the high cost of owning and managing your own equipment or data center. This multi-tenant platform is designed and built for the enterprise, so your high-end applications like SAP and Oracle can be deployed in a secure cloud environment. In addition, management services for HP AppSystems for SAP HANA are available giving you unprecedented access to real-time data analytics while removing the complexity of redundant data and systems.

Using our state-of-the-art HP Cloud Services, we will build a virtual private cloud for you to configure and scale as your business needs evolve. By aligning with us, you will continually have access to the latest IT cloud services.

Learn why savvy CIOs are selecting HP’s virtual private cloud

When Seadrill, a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, decided to move its headquarters from Norway to London, its IT team had six months to plan, design and execute its new infrastructure before the Norway data center – its infrastructure hub – went offline. Learn how HP met and solved Seadrill’s key needs, including: how to accommodate legacy environments within the cloud environment, solve complex network challenges and address licensing issues.

Read the case study: Seadrill migrates in-house datacenter to virtual private cloud in six months

Watch the case study video: Learn how HP helped Seadrill Migrate to the Cloud
(11:16 minutes)

Use our cloud, your way

  • Select the right base and optional service features to build the best solution for your business
  • Provision additional IT resources on demand after you’re initially set up and ready to consume
  • Scale the infrastructure up or down within a range you choose
  • Transform, modernize and manage your environment with our end-to-end services
  • Leverage our automation, economies of scale and global best practices

Improve business outcomes

  • Achieve business objectives more quickly and effectively
  • Reduce capital outlay for infrastructure investments and pay only for the usage level you need
  • Enjoy service levels of 99%-99.999%
  • Have peace-of-mind with our “hardened” security platform

Gain protection in a secure cloud

The HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Virtual Private Cloud is one of the only cloud platforms that is physically and virtually “hardened” against attacks and viruses. We fortify security in our cloud through dedicated compartments and VLANs. These measures help protect you from frequent or severe outages, outside viruses, hacking and data loss.

We use the latest hardware, technology and software while providing industry-leading services to bring you one of the best and most secure converged cloud platforms on which to build and expand your IT infrastructure and applications.


Realize new possibilities

Beyond adding new infrastructure, the Enterprise Cloud Services-Virtual Private Cloud environment offers new possibilities.

  • Develop and test applications
  • Provide support for production workloads
  • Easily modernize applications and host enterprise applications
  • Layer other services, like Messaging, Collaboration and Mobility on the cloud platform
  • Become “brokers” of applications and services

Consider a proof-of-concept, high-value trial run

The HP Enterprise Cloud Services-Virtual Private Cloud proof-of-concept program is a productive and comfortable way to evaluate cloud computing services in a real-life cloud environment. During this short-term evaluation period you can provision and configure virtual machines through a convenient self-service Web portal. You’re also able to evaluate service capabilities, test features and develop strategies for deploying core applications to the service.