Gain scalable, affordable data storage

Our Storage Management Services provide adaptable, tailored solutions to meet your company's specific business needs. Our experts will advise and build a storage plan to address your company's storage issues by aligning performance tiers to your business growth. Upgrading the storage environment allows your business the flexibility to transform, meeting future business demands.

Control explosive data growth

Our Storage Management Services help you respond to explosive data growth in your open systems environment. We provide the latest innovations through tiering data, thin provisioning and data de-duplication. Our converged storage service can help you consolidate storage hardware, reduce data silos, and implement a tiered storage management strategy. This convergence enables a unified environment with a lower cost of ownership.


Update your storage strategy and roadmap

Our experts will advise you and create a storage management strategy to transform your stored data to a tiered system, improve data security and provide a roadmap for the future.

We evaluate your storage environment through:

  • Storage Rationalization Assessments – we specify which tier is appropriate so that high-performance tiers are used only when necessary, which helps reduce your storage costs
  • Storage Mapping Assessments – we identify the appropriate storage-to-application relationships within a tier

We consider a range of options, from HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage to lower-cost archiving platforms, to identify the most cost-effective solutions for your storage environment.


Lower your capital investment in storage

We can help you move from a fixed capital investment to a variable cost model in which you pay only for the allocated storage space needed, ramping up or down depending on demand. This utility services model for storage may enable you to direct your capital to programs or projects that generate better returns.


Adopt solutions that meet your needs

As an experienced global storage services provider, managing over 160 PB (petabytes) of online storage and more than 700 PB of backed-up data, we can deliver flexible, reliable, cost-effective solutions to meet your storage needs.

You may choose from any combination of these delivery options:

  • You own the storage assets or use assets that we own
  • We deliver the services from your data center or ours

Our around-the-clock global support provides availability ranging from 99.9% to more than 99.999%.

With a broad range of services and capabilities, we can tailor a solution to address your storage needs for performance, capacity, archival or any combination, including:

  • Enterprise Storage: High performance and high availability to support business critical revenue
  • Midrange Storage: Performance and availability options supporting basic file serving needs to handle non-mission critical business activities
  • Archive Storage: Basic performance with scalability for recordkeeping, which includes a single data repository to enable business insights and compliance

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