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Lower costs by 80%! Say yes to simple, open, efficient storage without the cost or complexity of dedicated hardware.

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Why choose HP for software-defined storage?

The power of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is the value it brings through maximum cost-optimization, flexibility, and opportunities for orchestration across the software-defined data center (SDDC). SDS allows organizations to create an open pool of shared storage capacity from whatever standards-based hardware it currently has (or will acquire) then use standards-based APIs to drive orchestration between storage resources and other aspects of the data center.

HP has been a player in Software-Defined Storage and the Software-Defined Data Center since inception and the only vendor capable of delivering on all elements of the software-defined data center —compute, networking, storage and management—offering a complete SDS strategy and vision based on simplicity, efficiency, and openness that makes storage availability a top priority.

ShortTake #12: Beyond the buzz of Software-Defined Storage video (7:00 mins)
HP Point of View: Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center (PDF, 2MB)

Software-Defined Storage that puts your needs first

Reduce what you use


Lower capital investment*


Smaller footprint*


Reduced energy costs*


*HP comparison of traditional dual-controller disk array and 2 node server cluster vs. 2 node server cluster with VSA storage.

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