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HP Network Node Manager i Smart Plug-ins (HP NNM iSPIs) for Performance and Advanced Network Services extend the device and protocol support of HP NNMi and the HP Automated Network Management solution to enable monitoring and management of a wide range of network devices, services, and facilities. These Smart Plug-ins provide technology-specific awareness that can identify a problem more quickly and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR), making your network team more efficient.


Key benefits

  • Performance data in the context of network topology
  • Predict problems and enable preemptive fixes
  • Baselining to identify normal usage patterns speeds implementation, cuts cost and quickly highlights performance anomalies
  • Performance data from real-time to long term forecast and trending
  • Detailed reporting of IPT integrated with NNMi
  • Consolidate management and monitoring of your MPLS network and services
  • Consolidate discovery and monitoring of your IP MC devices, interfaces and relationships

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