Drive Sales and After Sales Performance

An initial sale is just part of a successful customer relationship. To build customer loyalty—and long-term value—organizations now focus on transforming their sales, CRM, and after sales activities. HP can help with Sales and After Sales solutions that enhance customer satisfaction, cost efficiencies and grow revenues across the entire product life-cycle.


Successful customer relationships do not end after an initial transaction. The product lifecycle offers great market opportunities to expand and grow aftermarket services offerings. That is why successful organizations focus on developing both sales and after sales capabilities. HP Sales and After Sales solutions support all relevant activities—from sales and customer relationship management to maintenance, repair, overhaul and other aftermarket opportunities.

HP offers extensive experience in development and manufacturing, from engineering and design to quality customer service. Forward-looking organizations trust HP for outsourced multivendor customer service management, marketing publishing transformation, CRM integration and hosting, contact center BPO, warranty claims management, analytics on data and unstructured data and other solutions.

Menlove Toyota Scion, for example, projects a 30 percent productivity increase with its new call center, and measurable improvements in its internal email systems.

HP Sales and After Sales solutions can help you build a stronger aftermarket business, in some cases representing twenty percent of total business, through:

  • Reduced inventory and maintenance spending
  • Enhanced customer service and satisfaction
  • Increased total asset turnover
  • Improved internal processes

Additional Solutions

Aerospace and Defense
Reduce product life cycle spend, move products and services to market faster, and focus on innovation with HP solutions for aerospace and defense.

IT Cost Optimization
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Product Lifecycle Management
Foster innovation, speed time to market and improve productivity and efficiency with design chain solutions from HP.

Manufacturing Execution Systems
Control key activities and automate core manufacturing processes with Manufacturing Execution Systems from HP.

Supply Chain Management
Streamline your supply chain operations, improve information workflow, reduce costs and mitigate risks with HP supply chain solutions.