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Driven by the digital revolution, your market is transforming at an astonishing pace. To keep up with this ever-increasing pace of change you need to work fast, flex with changing volumes and demands while adjusting to new opportunities. And if your data center is not optimized to support a combination of cloud, traditional IT and in-house solutions, it’s costing you more every day.

It’s time to make a fundamental shift from focusing on your IT to what you can do with your IT: meet strategic business objectives and provide better services to your customers. To get there you need to transform to a data center which supports cloud, traditional IT and in-house solutions. Moving toward cloud computing provides better ways for you to source, deliver and govern highly flexible, scalable business driven services.

The services you need

HP Data Center Services offers distinctive services to meet all of data center needs. From small- to medium-sized businesses to the largest in the world—we offer the service you need.


Data Center, Workload and Cloud Services Portfolio

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Applications Cloud ServicesApplications Cloud Services

Our cloud-enabled applications management services help you manage, operate, maintain and enhance your cloud applications across private cloud and hybrid cloud environments – seamlessly and securely. We have the management expertise across diverse application technologies – custom, commercial off-the-shelf, enterprise and emerging applications – to help you achieve and exceed your business objectives.

A comprehensive set of services to assess, design, develop, migrate, modernize and integrate application landscapes for a cloud environment.

Provides you with the flexibility, cost control and service levels you are demanding as you move your SAP applications to a virtual private cloud model.

A winning combination of the leading enterprise CRM application with our virtual private cloud solution, which provides the operational flexibility and stability needed to compete in today's market.

Provides enterprises with the flexibility, cost control and service levels you are demanding as you move your Oracle applications to a virtual private cloud model.


Provide robust protection of complex IT environments: traditional IT and cloud, midrange and mainframe, data center and workplace, infrastructure and applications, and multiple sourcing models. Improve recovery times and recovery points at costs that are 20% to 65% less than in-house, re-purposed test/development solutions.

Data CenterData Center

Help customers with business-critical enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have the expertise and delivery capabilities to host your enterprise applications in a cloud model, in a traditional infrastructure model, or via a hybrid model with integrated support of traditional and cloud infrastructures.

Ensure superior performance through reliable processes, aggressive service levels and a secure environment. Provides customers with hosting, storage, and disaster recovery services for the mainframe platform. These services ensure superior performance through reliable processes, aggressive service levels, and a secure environment.

Keep your servers and databases running reliably and securely in HP or client data centers. We can coordinate and integrate these services with network, storage and middleware operation services in the comprehensive service management and support of your infrastructure and middleware platform.

Fully managed, infrastructure-hosted services for the unique needs of web-enabled applications. HP delivers a flexible web environment that is scalable and secure to meet your business requirements.


Accelerate adoption of managed, 100% client dedicated, private clouds using HP’s industry leading technology and resources to design, build and manage a complete, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for enterprise applications, delivered from your choice of facility - your own, your partner’s or HP’s.

We provide clients with an agile and cost-effective way to scale infrastructure to meet business requirements in a managed environment leveraging complete, open, and integrated systems. This multi-tenant cloud platform is designed and built for the enterprise, so your business applications like SAP and Oracle can be deployed in a secure cloud environment.


Take advantage of HP’s Network Application Services to quickly and effectively solve networked application problems, improve performance, manage bandwidth capacity and model planned changes.

HP helps clients maximize current investment in their network while simplifying network management, improving security, and reducing cost of operations.


Storage Management Services aligns client’s application workloads with the right storage solution. We offer block, file, object, and backup services across a hybrid delivery model leveraging capacity As-a-Service when they need it.

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