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Thin Client solutions for education

Thin Client solutions for education can bring powerful technology to every desk in the classroom. Schools worldwide have turned to Thin Client solutions for education implementations for rich computing experiences that give teachers and administrators control and enhance student learning, while helping schools stay within budget by reducing overall management and maintenance costs.

Empower IT with Thin Client Education Solutions

  • Free IT from time-consuming deployment and management tasks, increasing efficiency and productivity.
  • Safeguard sensitive student and faculty data with greater protection from viruses and other security threats.
  • Keep up with demand for specialized applications, reducing testing and deployment.
  • Assign computing power where and when it's needed.

Help Teachers Focus on the Classroom, not IT

  • Centralized management and thin client education solutions reliability decrease system downtime and troubleshooting issues, keeping teachers and students more productive.
  • The simplicity of HP solutions puts the power of computing in the hands of teachers, for more efficient and effective learning.
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Top Schools across the world have relied on HP for Thin Client solutions for education

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