Rapid Application Problem Diagnosis

Diagnostics software monitors application transaction health in traditional, virtualized and cloud environments—allowing quick isolation and resolution of issues. It gives you a common tool to easily collaborate across the entire application lifecycle and release higher-quality applications. Diagnostics software provides deep drill down into transactions from the end user through the back end. And it uniquely serves as a single tool set for pre-production and production to diagnose application performance bottlenecks quickly and improve quality.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor application transactions and quickly identify application bottlenecks
  • Share application diagnostics across DevOps for analysis and quick resolution
  • Automatically discover and aggregate transactions from user, server, database and back end
  • Monitor application performance in HP CloudServices, MS Azure, Amazon environments
  • Quickly perform root cause analysis by getting deep thread information at the click of a button


HP APM enables us to be aware of issues affecting applications prior to user impact. Many times we can utilize HP Diagnostics to get a 'canary in the coal mine' warning that something bad is developing. Our application enjoyed a 9 year high in terms of availability thanks to HP.

- IT Manager, Fortune 500 Insurance Company

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