Rewards for Researchers and Security Filters for HP Customers

The Zero-Day Initiative (ZDI) augments the security intelligence of HP DVLabs with zero-day research by a growing network of researchers in the IT community at large. Launched on August 15, 2005, ZDI enriches our DVLabs with methodologies, expertise, and efforts of other researchers, encourages the reporting of zero-day attacks and vulnerabilities to affected vendors by rewarding contributors, and enables us to protect our customers via TippingPoint Next-Generation IPS while the vendors are working on patches.


Key Features

  • A web portal for submitting vulnerabilities and tracking status
  • Next-Generation IPS filters to combat vulnerabilities while vendors work on patches
  • Background verification so we know exactly who our researchers are
  • Insight into latest enterprise class threats
  • Strong partnership with vendors resulting in more timely patching

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