Ink and toner cartridges

HP JetIntelligence hard-shell technology is designed to provide more pages per cartridge.

so you can dive deeper into your victories.

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Find your perfect HP toner

HP’s broad toner portfolio accommodates a diverse range of printing requirements and budgets.

  • HP standard toner cartridges

    HP standard toner cartridges

    For a standard print volume at a standard price.

  • HP high-yield toner cartridges

    HP High Yield toner cartridges

    High Yield – for a high print volume at a lower cost per page.

  • HP Dual and Multipacks

    HP 2- and multi-packs

    HP 2-packs contain 2 black toners and HP colour multi-packs contain CYM toners and offer the best value and convenience for frequent printers.

Original HP Toner advantages

  • Designed to work first time, every time

    Designed to work first time, every time

    Rely on Original HP Cartridges to perform consistently.

  • Quality prints  you can take pride in

    Quality prints you can take pride in

    Experience outstanding print quality when you use Original HP Cartridges.

  • The environmental choice

    The environmental choice

    Cartridges designed with the planet in mind for easy recycling and less waste. 2

The truth about toner

With a legacy of printing excellence, more than 13,000 imaging and printing patents worldwide, Original HP toner cartridges are sophisticated pieces of technology, whereas non-HP cartridges don’t always live up to their promises. Get the facts to discover the true value of HP Originals and to make the right decision about how to invest printing budgets.

1.A 2014 SpencerLab Colour Reliability study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP color LaserJet cartridges with 6 brands of non-HP cartridges (reman and compatibles) sold in Europe, Middle East, and Africa for the HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 color M551, CE400A/X, CE401A/02A/03A cartridges. For details, see (PDF, 2.45 MB). The 2016 SpencerLab Monochrome study commissioned by HP compared Original HP cartridges with 8 brands of non-HP cartridges for the HP Pro M127 and Pro 400 printers, HP 83A and 80A cartridges. For details, see (PDF, 2.65 MB).

2. Planet Partners program availability varies. See

3. HP calculations based on results from a SpencerLab 2016 Monochrome and 2014 Colour Reliability study for EMEA, both commissioned by HP. The monochrome study compared cartridges for the HP Pro M127 and Pro 400 printers, HP 83A and 80A cartridges. The colour study compared cartridges for the HP Enterprise 500 color M551 printer, CE400A, CE401/02/03A cartridges.For more details, see and (PDF, 2.65 MB) and (PDF, 2.46 MB). Calculations include paper, cartridge replacement and labor for reprints. Page use for colour and monochrome assumes 33% external, 33% internal, and 33% individual use. Labor rate from a 2016 Mercer Global Pay Study. Purchase price used in the calculations is the average street price as reported by Context. For HP colour cartridges these are €169 for K, €185 for CYM, and non-HP price is 58% lower. Monochrome price for an HP cartridge is €162, and 57% lower price for non-HP. Actual prices, costs, and savings may vary.

4. 2017 Photizo Group study in EMEA, commissioned by HP. Results based on 1002 HP monochrome and 1000 HP color LaserJet users who have used both Original HP and non-HP toner cartridges, of whom 417 (mono) and 532 (color) experienced problems with non-HP cartridges. For details (PDF, 306 KB).

5. InfoTrends, 2016 Western Europe Supplies Recycling study, commissioned by HP. Findings are based on average results of interviews with 7 remanufacturers, 6 brokers and 1 distributor. For details, see (PDF, 458 KB).

6. 2016 Four Elements Consulting LCA study, commissioned by HP, compared Original HP 80A and 83A monochrome toner cartridges with a sample of remanufactured alternatives across eight environmental impact categories. For more, visit (PDF, 467 KB). The LCA leverages a SpencerLab 2016 study, commissioned by HP, comparing Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges with six brands of non-HP toner cartridges sold in EMEA. For details, see (PDF, 2.46 MB).