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HP believes that engineering IT capability is critical in today’s marketplace. An organization’s competitiveness can be defined/shaped by how quickly it can bring new products to market. Engineering productivity is at a premium, and many organizations struggle to find ways to improve productivity. Many have multiple design teams, geographically distributed, each involved with multiple projects. In order to operate at a high efficiency level, they require effective information flow across project teams.Valuable product engineering time is wasted in these inefficiencies. Return these hours to engineering productivity and propel your business forward with HP Engineering Cloud Transformation Services.

Begin your journey with Engineering Cloud Transformation Experience Workshop and realize the scope, scale and critical success factors for your Product Development and Engineering (PD&E) transformation program. Understand the financial benefits of the transformation with Engineering Cloud Rapid Investment Analysis, while Engineering Cloud Proof-of-Concept will demonstrate the user experience and benefits in your own environment.

HP addresses all major industry verticals, including manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, oil, gas, energy and automotive. Whether you start with smaller technology projects or embark upon a complete transformation, HP Engineering Cloud Transformation Services can help you evolve your IT engineering infrastructure utilizing HP’s years of experience in engineering and designing solutions, now within a private cloud solution . We will help you understand what it takes to lower cost, protect IP, and improve information flow across the design chain.

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Connect with HP cloud experts like Ewald Comhaire to learn about efficient ways to build your hybrid delivery cloud solution on HP CloudSystem.