The HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Basic WLAN Manager Software Platform is a network management software tool with unified resource and device management, designed for small-to-medium sized businesses with small network environments that want a single screen to provide visibility into their network infrastructures. Provides unified management of both wired and wireless networks, adding wireless network management functions into existing wired network management systems.

IMC Basic WLAN Software Platform supports both HP and third-party devices and has a fixed-device limit of 50 nodes.


Centralize Management of Your Network Simply and Cost Effectively

The HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Basic WLAN Software Platform integrates wireless fault management, element configuration, and network monitoring from a central vantage point with third-party device support.

Simply and easily manage small, heterogeneous wired and wireless networks with Intelligent Management Center Basic WLAN Software.

Experience lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with less need for maintenance.

The software platform comes with a fixed-device limit of 50 nodes and includes a 50-node license of HP IMC Wireless Services Manager (WSM).

Leverage Reports to Better Manage Your Networks

The HP Intelligent Management Center Basic WLAN Software Platform includes flexible and centralized reporting that provides the information needed for wireless network trend analysis and capacity planning, while customization options define parameters.

Collect, generate, and archive information about your network, device, or any IMC Software option to the appropriate HP support or sales organizations in a single step.

Integrated sFlow traffic analysis collects flow information from capable devices to identify bottlenecks, reduce anomalous traffic, and measure varying levels of bandwidth traffic to different services and applications.

Monitors performance through TopN, trend analysis, summary data, and graph displays for wireless device statuses, alarm statistics, and Access Point (AP) traffic monitoring.

Manage and Control Access Points with Ease

The HP Intelligent Management Center Basic WLAN Software Platform tracks wireless client connection history and provides top-down AP-to-client and bottom-up client-to-AP views to troubleshoot connections.

Supports HP MSM Series WLAN devices including controllers, fit APs, and fat APs and associated detailed information, both high-level and detailed deep dive statuses of services and their usage information.

Displays logical and physical views of a WLAN by AP in real-time that allows for quick discovery of device location.

Track client connection history in order to troubleshoot connection issues and view WLAN reports on traffic, radio, and AP statistics to optimize the network.

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