HP IMC Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) Software Module is a graphical network-monitoring tool that provides network administrators with real-time information about users and applications consuming network bandwidth. A reliable solution for enterprise and campus network traffic analysis, it defends the network against virus attacks and applies varying levels of bandwidth traffic to different services and applications.

The IMC NTA software module’s network bandwidth statistics help plan, monitor, enhance, and troubleshoot networks, as well as identify bottlenecks and apply corrective measures for enhanced throughput. The software also monitors Internet egress traffic, helping administrators to analyze the bandwidth usage of specific applications and monitor the impact of non-business applications (e.g., network games) on user productivity.

Granular, network-wide surveillance of complex, multilayer switched and routed environments helps rapidly identify and resolve network threats.        


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Network-wide surveillance: The Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) module for IMC provides visibility of complex multilayer switched and routed environments, delivering the rapid identification and resolution of any threat to the network; this information allows administrators to enforce security policies, identify suspicious behavior quickly, respond to security threats, provide quality of service, account for network usage, and reduce network costs.
Intelligent traffic analysis: Automatically generate a traffic baseline from general network usage. With this baseline, NTA can find abnormal network usage and send an alarm to the administrator.
Advanced application and protocol mapping: NTA will break down your network traffic into applications you can recognize by providing insight into top application usage and reports for in/out/total bandwidth organized by source, destination, protocol, application, and application groups.
In-depth visibility: Provides both quick-glance reports for a better understanding of the bandwidth utilization in your network as well as the ability to drill-into data for more thorough analysis.It can also automatically discover the interfaces sending traffic.
CAPEX reduction: Network Traffic Analyzer enables you to monitor and enhance network usage without acquiring additional bandwidth at tremendous cost savings, including understanding under and over-saturated areas of the network and application usage.
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