The HP MSR4000 Router Series is a family of high-performance, large branch routers that deliver integrated routing, switching, security, VPN, and SIP in a single box. With its integrated infrastructure and modular design, the MSR4000 reduces complexity and simplifies your network while enabling faster time to service and enhanced performance.

The MSR4000 increases flexibility and agility by delivering support for a wide range of virtualized applications on the Open Application Platform module. Its distributed architecture and high reliability also strengthen the resiliency of large branches.

What's new

  • Enhanced security with zone based and stateful firewalls
  • WAN optimization and Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF)
  • OpenFlow facilitates software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Ethernet Virtual Interconnect (EVI), VXLAN and VPLS
  • Fiber LAN switching and high-density E1/T1 modules


Enhanced Time To Service and Branch Performance

The HP MSR4000 Router Series delivers high performance routing for large branches with up to 36 Mpps forwarding and 28 Gbps of IPSec encryption throughput.

Delivers powerful aggregation capacity and high port density to satisfy the largest branches.

Comprehensive feature set enables branch services that support your needs.

Integrated security eases the transition to the cloud.

Reduces Complexity and Simplifies Your Network

The HP MSR4000 Router Series simplifies your network through integrated routing/switching/security/VPN/SIP.

Reduces your TCO through open standards, power and space savings, and energy-efficient hardware.

Single pane of glass management with HP Intelligent Management Center makes administration easier.

Zero-touch deployment and Dynamic VPN reduce management complexity.

No additional licensing complexity or cost for advanced features.

Increased Flexibility and Agility Across Your Network

The HP MSR4000 Router Series supports Open Application Platform modules for HP AllianceOne applications like WAN acceleration and Microsoft Lync.

Fully modular platform and wide range of connectivity options enables the right design for your needs.

Based on open standards for ease of network integration.

Strengthen Large Branch Resiliency and Survivability

The HP MSR4000 Router Series is built on distributed architecture with separated hardware data and control planes for increased resiliency.

Delivers high reliability with dual MPUs and redundant power supplies.

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