Scan multiple photos, slides, film and negatives and get superior1 colour accuracy with 6-colour, 96-bit scanning – exclusive to HP. Capture every detail with 4800 x 9600-dpi hardware resolution2. Get infrared-based dust /scratch removal too.


HP-exclusive 6-colour high-definition scanning for photos, slides, film and negatives.

Convert packs of photos, slides, film and negatives into vivid, colour accurate digital images and get the highest quality scans1 with 6-colour, 96-bit scanning – exclusive to HP. Get high definition results at 4800 x 9600-dpi resolution2.

Scan stacks of photos, slides, films or negatives, and automatically remove dust and scratches.

Scan multiple originals – sixteen 35 mm slides, 30 negative frames, two medium format (120 mm) or one large format film frame or four 10 x 15 cm prints – and save as separate files. Remove dust and scratches using built-in infrared technology.

Preserve your memories at the touch of a button – plus easy colour restoration and photo fixing.

Digitise photos, slides, film and negatives using one-touch buttons. Bring old originals back to life with a range of intuitive tools. Restore faded colour, remove red-eye and bring detail out of dark photos, all using HP Real Life technologies.

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