Optimice su infraestructura

Reduce cost and improve banking and insurance office productivity with the right mix of devices.
HP tools gather details of the printers on your network and produce detailed reports on users’ print behavior and the way in which your print, fax, copy, and scan infrastructure is used. With this information, we can design an environment that ensures you have the right mix of devices to meet the needs of your users and that these devices are placed exactly where they are needed and will be most useful.

Gestione su entorno

Support and maintain your printer, scanner and copier fleet at optimum efficiency.
After optimization, the next step is to ensure that your infrastructure stays in peak condition. There are a number of ways HP can help you achieve this goal. Increasingly, many financial and insurance organizations are choosing to outsource some or all of their day-to-day imaging and printing management under an HP Managed Print Services contract.

Mejore el flujo de trabajo

Automatice muchos flujos de trabajo con mucho papel.
Con el uso de las soluciones de flujo de trabajo de HP y los dispositivos inteligentes de HP, podemos ayudarle a automatizar los flujos de trabajo que utilizan mucho papel. Esto no solo ayuda a reducir costes, también reduce las cargas administrativas y, lo que es más importante, mejora los resultados de los pacientes.

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