Internship programme

HP has developed an internship program in collaboration with the highest level Universities of Spain

Having the opportunity to join this program, will give you the chance to:
  • Complete your education by combining theory and practice, and integrating in the real business world.
  • Receive an intensive training taught by the best professionals employees & senior managers: the background you need to build a professional career
  • Evaluate your potential and optimize your technical and soft skills.
  • Discover and direct your talent by finding out all the products and services of HP.
  • The success of our programme leads to a large number of interns returning to HP as graduates and many Interns are fast tracked through the Graduate application process

We offer you two different ways to join our program:
  • Part Time Internship: 4 hours per day, aimed at students who have successfully passed the 50% of the academic credits
  • Full Time Internship: 8 hours per day, aimed at recent graduates
Through our Internship Program, you will build up your knowledge and capabilities in a high professional demanding environment.
  • You will be supported all the time
  • You will have a flexible schedule according to your availability (4/8 hours per day) and you academic commitments.
  • You will be surrounded with the best professionals who will appreciate your ideas and whom you could learn from day by day.

HP Integra
At HP, we are creating a work environment where everyone has the opportunity to fully participate in creating business success and is valued for the distinctive skills, experiences and perspectives they bring to the workplace.

Individuals with disabilities are embraced as an integral part of HP's diversity vision and represent a valuable talent resource for HP's workforce, that's why we have launched "HP Integra": our internship initiative addressed to disable students and recent graduates, who are interested in getting their first professional experience.