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HP Benefits - Spain

At HP Spain, we not only acknowledge dedication and innovation, we reward it. Your focus on maximum quality in everything you do, means we can call ourselves the market leader everywhere we go. So your success is ours, and our success, is yours.Specific benefits include:

-Salary: in-line with the offerings of all leading companies in the industry. Moreover, salaries are reviewed individually, based on professional development and performance.
-Training and development: internal and external training programs provide the professional skills you require. Includes:

-Continuous development through course attendance and on-line training.
-An individual career plan in which you, your manager and the HR department identify your professional development opportunities.
-Specialized external training to complete postgraduate courses, doctorates or Masters through aid and subsidies.

-Complementary benefits: depending on your personal situation and interests, you’ll receive additional performance bonuses. Or you may opt to receive any of our advanced social plans, including a pension and share purchase plan, and medical and life insurance. You’ll also get subsidized meals, special prices for acquiring HP products, access to ‘emergency credits’ and subsidies for athletic activities such as gymnastics, sailing, basketball, football, etc…
-Flexible working hours: to help you maintain a balance between your professional and personal life.
-In addition to these benefits, you’ll work with modern tools and an open door policy that encourages communication, teamwork and the free-exchange of ideas.