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Jobs at HP - Spain
At HP Spain, we put people first. Because it’s not just technology, but the ideas, integrity and commitment of those who work with us that bring innovation to individuals and businesses across the globe.

This commitment to constant innovation has made us leaders in the new technology market. Everyday we contribute new solutions, products and services to the IT industry that go far beyond the simple implementation of hardware and software. As a result, we’ve got diverse opportunities for people from every kind of professional background.

With us, you’ll find an open and informal environment. One that encourages teamwork, the free-exchange of creative ideas, and the collaboration of people from different backgrounds and nationalities. One that provides the technical tools and training you need, and that gives you the recognition you deserve.

And who knows? Within time, you could find yourself anywhere in our global network – creating technology that changes the way people think, act, and ultimately, live.

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HP locations in Spain
1. Barcelona
2. Bilbao
3. Madrid
4. Sevilla
5. Valencia
6. Zaragoza