Increase productivity and pay for use model with UCaaS

Enterprise Cloud Services - Unified Communications is a strategic IT service that incorporates voice, multi-media, unified messaging, presence management, mobility, and automation services onto a single unified platform. The infrastructure to support these capabilities is located in an HP Data Center.

Frost & Sullivan hosted unified communications white paper

Read about how a large financial institution moved to hosted unified communications and reduced cost of operations to support merger and acquisition strategy

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Communications Services

Communicating with each other is getting easier—and more complex—every day. Options like email, instant messaging, voice mail, and conferencing all increase business agility, but it takes valuable time for each worker to keep up with all these disparate sources of information.

Operationally, maintaining support systems for communications can add cost and strains IT resources. Companies are taking a hard look at budgets, trying to balance expenses with a need to connect employees, suppliers, and clients in multiple time zones and collaborate in real time.

HP can help you respond to these challenges with HP Enterprise Cloud Services - Unified Communications. This service integrates enterprise communication into a single user-friendly platform with integrated easy-to-use tools.

Delivered from a cloud platform, this cost-effective option helps your organization bridge the gap between business information and communications—improving your workplace without significant investment in the underlying infrastructure.


Learn more about the benefits of Unified Communications as a Service

  • Avoid capital expenditures when migrating to a unified communications system
  • Get faster provisioning via virtualized delivery model
  • Pay for what you use “utility” model
  • Leverage IP technology to cut down on travel and telephony expenses
  • Enhance productivity with better messaging and collaboration

Additional benefits

  • Improve internal and external communication-enabled business process via presence awareness and availability
  • Improve business agility by enabling access to multiple communication functions from a consistent interface
  • Satisfy eco-friendly requirements and reduce carbon footprint