Connecting social and enterprise intelligence

Social Analytics Services help you design a social intelligence program that aligns with your overall business strategy and integrates all other analytics and insights. Get your data right and build the analytic capabilities needed to generate deeper insights into your customers, ultimately transforming them into advocates.

Our approach is holistic, supporting every step of your journey with consulting services and unique capabilities.

Each step is backed up by a specific methodology as outline below in the following packages:

  • Discovery Workshop
  • Social Business Strategy
  • Social Intelligence Master Plan
  • Social Intelligence Center of Expertise

Key Benefits

  • Establish a shared vision and road map, along with a standard framework of skills, tools, and processes required for your social intelligence journey.
  • Integrate structured and unstructured data using rapid deployment techniques to easily extend high-quality customer information across your business.
  • Identify product quality and support issues sooner and more precisely so you can take remedial action faster.
  • Develop a more complete, accurate assessment of customer lifetime value that includes influencers and their networks and preferences.