Find and fill the gaps in your security operations

Even with increased spend on security these days, most enterprises don’t have enough time or in-house talent to cover the growing demand. It simply takes too many valuable resources to stay up to speed on the latest threats, technologies, and compliance issues.

HP can help. Our Managed Security Services extends your team’s capabilities, leveraging the expertise of more than 5,000 security experts to improve your security posture, reduce risk, and increase security effectiveness.

Through our portfolio of managed, monitored, and intelligence security services, you can:

  • Quickly respond to intrusions for faster service restoration
  • Reduce capital expenditure and control operating costs
  • Get a complete view of your threat profile through intelligence tools and analysis
  • Utilize our industry-specific knowledge of legal, regulatory and standard developments including PCI, SOX, HIPPA and EU Data Privacy laws

We provide the most complete security portfolio in the market, with everything you need from the endpoint to the data center. And we work with you towards the solutions that fit your unique enterprise, integrating and coordinating services across your environment. It’s all part of securing what matters most to you.


Global and regional security operations centers (SOCs)

Your enterprise operates on a global scale, which means geographic, cultural, geopolitical, and sovereignty concerns often define where and with whom you can work—and how you secure and monitor your data. That’s why HP works where you work: from our network of 8 global Security Operations Centers, HP provides monitoring, management, and threat remediation, 24/7/365, for clients all around the world. Via these sites, we cover over 7,000 enterprise networks: closing new vulnerabilities, updating firewalls, restoring compromised data, and getting damaged systems back online.


MSS Portal

Included in every HP Managed Security Service is access to the MSS Portal. It is a single window into your security environment and a critical part of risk mitigation, establishing better visibility across your enterprise IT. This “next gen” security portal presents a consolidated view of risk-to-attack in a business-friendly format. It brings together information security data from across the enterprise into one central location and translates it into easy-to-understand visuals and reports.

  • Customized, role-based dashboards
  • Improved incident management
  • Targeted threat intelligence
  • Flexible reporting
  • Integrated next generation firewall and digital badge authentication

More than just about securing the perimeter, this tool is about enabling your enterprise and ensuring you can focus on the right information and issues at the right time.


Security Management

You know that security must permeate your enterprise, but it stretches your resources thin to keep up with changes, support business objectives and maintain compliance in a multifaceted, multi-supplier IT environment. HP enables cost-effective, measurable risk reduction by providing day-to-day security management, freeing you to focus on key issues that impact your business. Effective collaboration between our analysts and your teams and suppliers can achieve end-to-end compliance transparency of your organization's security strategies, policies, standards, and processes.

Security Monitoring

It’s about constant vigilance. You need real-time security monitoring to support threat detection, incident response, and organizational risk management decisions. Utilizing ArcSight technologies, HP Security Monitoring is designed to help you understand who is on the network, what information they are seeing, and which actions they are taking with the information. Three hundred sixty degree security monitoring to detect incidents empowers a level of visibility that can protect the business while reducing operating costs.

Threat Intelligence

It’s hard to prepare when you don’t know what’s coming your way. HP’s targeted Threat Intelligence solutions bring together valuable information from traditional structured and emerging unstructured data sources. We collate, analyze and disseminate this information in easy-to-digest ways. This helps clients see issues faster, prepare better, and pre-empt where possible.

Security Incident Response

Defending against cyber-attacks requires constant vigilance and the ability to respond immediately. Put our team to work for you with seamless and integrated monitoring services, actionable threat intelligence, and incident remediation services to resolve adverse security events. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts watch for problems around the clock, ready to react remotely or on-site as needed to protect your environment and help keep you secure. Tight integration of these services with our extended teams means we can also deploy our security consultants on premise, when you need it most.


SSL VPN Appliance and managed remote authentication

if you utilize services from HP, this service ensures that HP applies all the security controls mandated in your agreement.

Address security threats while minimizing costs

Security and compliance consulting expertise

Create a comprehensive, compliant and efficient solution

Cyber security services for both readiness and design services

Information protection and risk mitigation

Protect sensitive data and critical business processes

Translate key data for critical investigations


Data capture for time-sensitive disclosure requirements

Anti virus, anti spam and personal firewall

One-day interactive workshop to facilitate faster decision-making and cross-team collaboration.

Security services for organizations operating within the UK public sector

Provides flexible, end-to-end enterprise security services

Access to IT security experts 24x7

Integrated, end-to-end IAM services

Assess the effectiveness of an organization’s information security risk management

collects and analyses security compliance and risk information, providing you with assurance that service providers are applying the required security controls to meet SLAs and compliance standards.

Protect your infrastructure with comprehensive security

Risk-based information security management


Monitoring and proactive response

Build a PCI DSS-compliant infrastructure and monitor compliance

gives you the visibility and control to make business decisions based on actual risk assessments through a combination of services, innovation and reporting tools.

Strategic security portal demonstration

Hosted mail and hosted web

Network IPS, firewall, and proxy appliance

A scientific approach to securing the enterprise

Manage business and IT change for the ever-changing threat landscape

Respond rapidly to security breaches and threats

SSL VPN Appliance and managed remote authentication

Assess security risk quickly and efficiently and control it

Measure information security risks and vulnerabilities

Managed web application firewalls