Better gaming with HP

Gaming is a fiercely competitive industry. If you're not first on the field, you're watching from the sidelines. But being ahead of the competition isn't enough—you've also got to deliver your games with exceptional quality, within tight budgets and with the fastest time to market possible.

You need a business ally who can help you create the best gaming innovations, power the biggest online games, and play to win more customers more profitably than any other technology company. That's where HP can help.

  • Increase quality with experienced quality assurance professionals and the latest technology.
  • Lower production costs through service-level agreements and flexible testing services.
  • Improve time to market with global game testing centers that operate around the clock.
  • Reduce test time using HP best practice processes, models and techniques.
  • Increase security and confidentiality with physical and electronic security.
  • Increase reliability using the HP risk-based testing approach.
  • Secure first-party submission approval with HP technical requirements testing group.