Communications Service Providers can generate new managed network revenue opportunities

The HP FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program, delivered in partnership with Communications Service Providers (CSPs), is a pay-per-use managed network offering that enables clients to align their network infrastructure costs with what they actually use.

In today’s business climate, IT has become more strategic than ever as enterprises need to respond quickly to global trends, competitive moves and market opportunities. Many organizations are challenged with keeping up with the speed of business because aging infrastructures, built on legacy networks, simply cannot support initiatives like cloud, mobility, bring your own device (BYOD) and rich media that drives business growth.

With a recognition that legacy networks are being pushed to the limit and have become fragile and expensive to operate, enterprise and public sector clients are showing great interest in a new networking environment to carry them into the future. Balancing the financial and resource demands of maintaining operations “keeping the lights on” and investing in innovation to grow the business often leads to the following issues:

  • How to scope the refresh to maximize business value, but minimize cost outlay
  • How to better align actual costs with the business

FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program Features

  • Business partnership between HP and CSPs provides pay-per-use managed network offering to large enterprise and public sector clients
  • Pay-per-use is based on the equipment usage by the client, HP maintains ownership of the equipment
  • Clients can use ports (activate/de-activate) based on specific terms and conditions with the CSP and subject to monthly support services fees
  • HP enables clients to embrace the next generation of IT with an innovative leader in networking infrastructure
  • HP ensures that the client's network infrastructure is ready for the demands and advantages of cloud, mobility , BYOD and rich media
  • CSPs can generate new revenue opportunities knowing that their clients have a modern network infrastructure, end-to-end


  • Clients can align expenses with actual use
  • CSPs can speed enterprise cloud, mobility, BYOD initiatives
  • Bring cloud economics to campus and branch networks


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