See the big picture in Big Data

A customer service call transforms an internal process. Tweets and Likes lead to a design innovation. Connected data suddenly reveals patterns and relationships, opening up new opportunities. The moment to tap the full potential of Big Data is now. Introducing HP HAVEn, a platform that analyzes 100% of the data relevant to your organization. Now Big Data of any type—structured and unstructured—can lead to powerful strategic insights. When you have 100% of your data informing every decision, anything else is just an educated guess.


HAVEn at work

See how enterprises are using HP HAVEn to see the big picture in Big Data.

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Our “n” Apps

IT Operations Analytics, HP Service Anywhere, and HP Digital Marketing Hub—3 HAVEn apps, 100% Big Data

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Anticipate customers’ needs

Seeing the big picture in Big Data helps enterprises deliver 100% better results.

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Turning Big Data into faster, better insights

See how these organizations are putting 100% of their Big Data into every decision.

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Know your customers 100% better

See how HP HAVEn helps enterprises use Big Data to predict customer behavior and deliver better experiences.

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Design 100% better products

Having all the Big Data in the design process allows organizations to spot usage trends that influence future products.

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Pinpoint security risks with 100% better insight

See how to use Big Data to protect against security threats.

Stay up to date with our Big Data Community

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HAVEn Developers Community

Get involved with the HAVEn Developers Community

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Meg Whitman: 'Unlocking IT with Big Data'

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