Fortify on Demand capabilities

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Customer uploads software to the Cloud or provides the URL of the application

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HP Fortify on Demand conducts a thorough security test (dynamic or static) of the application

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Customer reviews and analyzes the results of the application test in the form of a detailed report or dashboard.

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HP Fortify on Demand serves the role of an independent, third-party system of record, conducting a consistent, unbiased analysis of an application and providing a detailed tamperproof report back to the security and development teams.

Fortify on Demand is:

Easy to manage: No hardware, no software, and no maintenance

Fast: Results typically in less than 24 hours for static assessments

Compliant: Quickly pass compliance PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, and many other standards

Comprehensive: Fortify on Demand offers Static and Dynamic security testing for Web, Thick-client, Mobile, and Infrastructure apps.

Flexibility: Migrate easily and quickly to the HP Fortify on-premise solution and vice versa

Production Safe: Safely test Web Applications in production

Vendor Management: Assess 3rd part software while providing capabilities that let the software vendor stay in control of the process

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