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HP Operations Smart Plug-ins (SPIs) is application monitoring software that provides database monitoring, service performance monitoring and application monitoring and feeds that information to a central HP Operations Manager server. SPIs extend the functionality of HP Operations Manager agents with domain expertise that knows exactly what to monitor based on the application, device, etc. that is being monitored. Through the use of SPIs, you can increase your productivity and efficiency by filtering out information that does not pertain to the IT component being monitored.

Key benefits

  • Heterogeneous Monitoring: Smart Plug-ins monitor all the components of modern IT Infrastructure, right from hardware till application layer across multiple vendor solutions.
  • Automate operational processes: Discover infrastructure elements and relationships, collect detailed performance data, events and status, correlate, aggregate and filter–from data to information, perform automated corrective actions–enable 24x7 autonomous operation with application monitoring software.
  • Short Learning Curve: All Smart Plug-ins have similar architecture and components. So you learn once and use it for different monitoring needs.
  • Modular Design: Smart Plug-in follow client server architecture and integrate with HP's other monitoring, graphing, reporting servers. This makes them easy to plug and play.

HP Operations Smart Plug-ins features

HP Operations SPIs enable you to perform business centric service management, event management, performance monitoring, and reporting on your infrastructure and application environments to support your critical business processes. The combination of HP Operations Smart Plug in, HP Operations Orchestration and HP Operations Manager provides a comprehensive solution covering various components of your IT infrastructure.



The HP Operations SPI monitors key operational activities and events to provide always-on availability. Alert messages, snapshot reports and a rich set of tools and instructions for deeper diagnosis and faster problem resolution.

Performance monitoring

Predefined performance thresholds and graphs ensure your performance service levels are adequately met.

Service views

HP Operations Smart Plug-in offers auto discovery and visualization of the application topology, comprising of various monitored object types and their dependencies.

Service reports

Out of the box reports enables IT to provide timely, accurate reports to demonstrate IT service quality levels. Reports are available in the areas of availability, performance, workload and operation.


Certain Smart Plug-ins are integrated with vendor specific monitoring software (e.g., Oracle Enterprise Manager, SAP CCMS / Solution Manager) to consolidate alerts and events generated from those tools onto the HP Operations Manager console.

Customized metrics

While the metrics captured by the HP Operations Smart Plug-ins cover a majority of your monitoring needs, additional customized metrics (as applicable) can be added to your monitored set.

Application high availability

The HP Operations Smart Plug-in monitor your applications configured in high availability deployments as well.

The following domains are supported by the HP Operations Smart Plug-ins (SPIs):

A 60 day evaluation period is available for all SPI downloads. Please refer to the Readme file while downloading the software for more information on the contents of each download. To continue to use the Smart Plug-In functionality past the 60 day term, contact your HP Sales representative to purchase the licenses.


Infrastructure and Virtualization

Manage your physical, virtual and cluster infrastructure through a consolidated HP Operations Manager console, correlate the dependencies between various physical and virtual infrastructure elements and set manual or automated remediation actions for specific events.

Infrastructure SPI Learn more
Virtualization SPI Download now
Citrix SPI – developed by partner Comtrade Download now


The HP Operations Smart Plug-in for Databases helps administrators efficiently monitor distributed enterprise-wide database environments from a central, best-in-class console. The SPIs help you increase RDBMS availability and performance, visualize capacity shortages and trends as well as lower the overall cost of maintaining your database environments.

Oracle Database Download now
MS SQL Server Download now
Informix Download now
Sybase Download now
IBM DB2 – developed by partner NICE GmbH Download now

Webservers and Web Application Servers

The Smart Plug-ins for Web application servers allows detection of problems before they negatively impact the end-user experience. Through the support of JMX (Java Management Extensions), the HP Operations Smart Plug-ins result in application services that are highly available, performing to expectations and aligned with your business priorities.

Webserver SPI (includes Apache HTTP Server, Microsoft IIS, Sun One) Download now
Oracle Weblogic SPI Download now
IBM Websphere SPI Download now
JBOSS SPI Download now
Oracle Application Server Download now

Microsoft Enterprise Servers

The Microsoft Enterprise Servers monitoring solution delivers mission-critical monitoring and management of Microsoft enterprise environments. The Smart Plug-ins for Microsoft Enterprise Servers provide valuable insight into the current health and ongoing trends in your Microsoft environment, allowing you to increase availability and performance while lowering associated support costs and improving capacity management and planning.

Active Directory Download now
Exchange Download now
Enterprise Servers (including Sharepoint, BizTalk, Lync Server, ISA) Download now

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The ERP monitoring solution is the key to manage your ERP IT environment from a service perspective. It works in conjunction with other HP Software products, such as HP Operations Manager and HP Business Process Monitor—to give you visibility of the ERP application services that support your core business processes.

SAP Download now
Siebel – developed by partner ComTrade Download now
Peoplesoft Download now


Middleware infrastructure, spanning both software and hardware, can be quite complex. Insufficient middleware monitoring can make it difficult to support key applications. The HP Smart Plug-ins for middleware helps to proactively monitor, find problems, correlate them to business applications and remediate before they impact application availability.

TIBCO Download now
Websphere Message Queue – developed by partner Nastel Technologies Download now
Tuxedo Download now

Other Smart Plug-ins

In addition to Smart Plug-ins for specific domains listed above, HP Operations Smart Plug-ins are also available for key enterprise servers and management software. The HP Operations Smart Plug-ins aids in monitoring heterogeneous application environments in your IT infrastructure, giving a single consistent interface across monitored applications – thereby reducing your learning curve.

BMC Remedy Download now
Blackberry - developed by partner NICE GmbH Download now
Storage Essentials Download now
EMC Documentum – developed by partner ComTrade Download now

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