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The New Style of IT encompasses the latest trends - Cloud, Big Data, Security and Mobile. But more specifically, it includes IT managing a portfolio of services that is increasingly broad and diverse from an ever-growing set of suppliers, in an ever-faster moving environment. This portfolio of services is being driven more and more by the business. A business that expects business-relevant performance from its IT organization.


  • People to knowledge anytime, anywhere
  • IT to what matters most
  • Businesses to Services

With HP you will have the capabilities to quickly CONNECT people, IT and Business anytime, anywhere to drive real-time collaboration

  • 90% vs. 40% drop in service desk incidents


  • People control interactions
  • IT better controls change
  • Business controls priorities

With HP you will gain the CONTROL you need to deploy any service quickly and confidently that enables you to deliver business outcomes

  • 100% services environment automated


  • People get what they want
  • IT focuses more on business value
  • Business moves faster

With HP you will have the most COMPETITIVE capabilities on the market enabling you to change the game

  • 300% vs. 75% avg. higher first call resolution
Project and Portfolio ManagementProject and Portfolio Management

A dashboard view into your portfolio, demand, in-flight projects, and programs across the organization enabling smart portfolio investment decisions.

Integration and unification of portfolio and project management activities to support business strategy and goals

SaaS-based  software for rapid acquisition, synthesis and analysis of client application information

A management reporting tool that helps IT organizations convey value in mutually understood, non-IT terms

IT Service ManagementIT Service ManagementIntegrates and automates service management across hybrid environments and quality control of the IT services that the business depends upon.

Native-SaaS Service Desk solution with codeless configuration for ease of upgrades and fast time to value

Automated, integrated service lifecycle processes that enable resource balance, cost control and risk mitigation

Combines the value of the on-premise service desk with the subscription pricing model of SaaS-based solutions

Asset ManagementAsset Management

Manage the entire lifecycle of your IT assets and leverage information about what assets you have, where they are, who is using them, and how they are being utilized.

IT asset management across the lifecycle with policy enforcement, multi-source support and analytics

Manages software assets and reduces risk of being incompliant and reduces the cost of software

Simple and straightforward billing capabilities to chargeback for consumption of IT virtualized and cloud resources based on actual usage or subscriptions

Configuration Management SystemsConfiguration Management Systems

Comprehensive set of tools for collecting, storing, managing, updating and presenting data about IT services configuration items (software and infrastructure) and about their relationships.

An organized approach to understanding, planning, transforming, auditing, and operating your data center

Configuration analysis, policy governance and state management to gain rapid value from your CMS

Storage and management of software and infrastructure elements that includes relationships and dependencies

Automated discovery and dependency mapping of services, applications, and underlying hardware

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This HP Software community focuses on your enterprise and offers actionable insights to help you turn IT performance into business success.

Out of the Box Service Desk Solution

Discover how HP Service Anywhere provided Steria the flexibility and agility the needed to fit the new market requirements.

Out of the Box Service Desk Solution

Discover how HP Service Anywhere provided Steria the flexibility and agility the needed to fit the new market requirements.


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