Security assurance from development to production

HP solutions for static, dynamic, and interactive application security testing arm you to implement an iron-clad software security initiative. Software security research provides the intelligence that powers the Fortify portfolio of software security products, allowing you to apply the latest cutting-edge security research from HP Fortify Software Security Research, the industry's largest dedicated software security research team. Today, HP Fortify Software Security Content supports over 550 vulnerability categories across 21 programming languages and spanning more than 700,000 individual APIs.


Key features

  • Quarterly security updates for HP Fortify SCA, Runtime and WebInspect
  • The latest research from the industry’s largest dedicated software security research team
  • Detailed descriptions and remediation guidance to educate reviewers
  • Content mapped to industry standards, taxonomies and compliance frameworks

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  • HP Fortify RuntimeProtect your company from security attacks against applications in production
  • Fortify Static Code AnalyzerReduce business risk by finding, prioritizing and fixing vulnerabilities that pose the biggest threat
  • WebInspectThoroughly analyze complex web applications and services
  • HP WebInspect Real-TimeHybrid analysis via advanced dynamic application security testing combined with real-time application security

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  • HP Fortify on DemandQuickly and affordably test the security of ANY code through our cloud-based security as a service

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  • Security ResearchActionable security intelligence to proactively identify threats and manage risk

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