Beware of supplier breach

Enterprises today rely on extensive and complex networks of suppliers to ensure their customers’ needs are met. Organizations must share information across the enterprise and among various suppliers, which increases the risk of a serious breach.

Ensuring your suppliers are treating your information in a secure manner has become critical. Many reported breach incidents occur as a result of inadvertent or malicious supplier actions.

Safeguard what matters

Protecting your organization from unintentional errors and malevolent threats requires that you broaden your enterprise compliance requirements across your supply chain.

Supplier Security Compliance Management Solution (PDF 688 KB)

Minimize supply chain risk

We collaborate with you to establish the processes and procedures for an optimal end-to-end approach for managing your supply chain governance and compliance risk. With our Supplier Security Compliance Management Solution, you can gain compliance and governance visibility, minimize breach incidents, and enable your enterprise information to flow more securely and freely across your supply chain.

Our solution includes:

  • Compliance Management Advisory Services – define the metrics and reporting structure required to manage compliance and risk across the extended enterprise
  • Managed Security Compliance Services – provide the regular monitoring, review and continual supplier security improvement you need
  • Managed Security Audit Services – ensure supplier security controls and processes align to your policies, requirements, and contractual obligations