HP Benefits - France

Our compensation and benefits package gives staff every incentive to lead us forward in the marketplace. Because when exceptional achievement leads to increased profits, everyone shares in that success.

The Total Rewards program depends on qualifications and seniority of position. However, everyone can expect:

(1)Competitive base pay
We undertake constant analysis to ensure we are paying market rates in every location around the world.

(2)Performance-related pay
Employees worldwide benefit from a bonus based on corporate profits. Moreover, in France, a yearly bonus is awarded according to local profit figures, while sales people are paid a commission calculated on individual target achievements.

(3)Employee savings packages
A Company Savings Plan exists alongside Stock Ownership. To ensure our priorities are the same as our shareholders', HP makes it easy for employees to own shares.

(4)Diverse advantages
We aim to tailor working hours to employee needs, depending on their personal and business roles, and we actively support working from home. Most of our locations have on-site sports facilities, for team sports and martial arts, as well as saunas. You’ll also be encouraged to get involved in a range of cultural activities, from theatre visits and exhibitions, to music lessons, wine tastings and a library membership. There are even special programs available to the children of employees.

We also encourage employees to develop the life and work skills that will help them achieve their personal and career goals. So we support employees in acquiring all relevant training.

Finally, at HP you can simply be yourself, in a uniquely happy, multicultural environment.