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BladeSystem Services are consulting, implementation and support services for HP BladeSystems. We design a BladeSystem architecture to match your business needs and plan your system for growth and flexibility. We improve IT efficiency and reduce risk by helping you merge BladeSystem operations into IT Service Management processes. Our services get your BladeSystem up and running sooner, so your benefits start earlier, and they provide the support to keep them running.

As enterprises deploy converged infrastructure on blade systems and virtualization—elements of cloud computing—BladeSystem Services supply the expertise you need while your own staff gains knowledge and experience in the new technologies. As you transition to a HP BladeSystem-based Converged Infrastructure environment, our consulting and support services (based on our best practices) can help you meet the full spectrum of your planning, design, deployment, and support needs.

As an important component of a total BladeSystem solution, these services put our experts to work helping you reach the business goals that led you to choose blade technology in the first place—more computing capacity in less space, using less power and having simpler cabling.

Technology—only part of the solution

The pace of business change has never been greater. New markets, new products, new ways of connecting with customers—all require new IT services. To keep up, IT needs technologies that increase computing capacity and flexibility while holding the line on data center space, power and budget.

Converged infrastructure is taking center stage for IT infrastructure planners. And BladeSystems and virtualization are core elements. These technologies grow capacity and enable rapid response to business change. They move enterprises toward utility computing models like cloud computing that promise to fulfill future IT needs.

ProLiant (x86) Blade Services

ProLiant BladeSystem Services provide installation services and hardware support for ProLiant 200, 400 and 600 series blades.

HP CloudSystem Matrix Services

CloudSystem Matrix Services provide hardware and software support for HP CloudSystem Matrix.

Integrity Blade Services

Integrity Blade Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP Integrity blades.

Workstation Blade Services

Workstation Blades Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP Workstation Blades.

Storage Infrastructure Blade Services

Storage Infrastructure Blades Services provide installation services and hardware support for HP StorageWorks blades and storage interconnects.

Operating System and Software Services

Operating system and software services provide implementation services for software, assistance using software features, problem resolution and software updates.

BladeSystem Infrastructure Services

BladeSystem Infrastructure Services provide installation services and hardware support for c3000 enclosures, c7000 enclosures and Virtual Connect.


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