The industry’s most complete OSS solution portfolio

Do you struggle with legacy systems and organizational silos that prevent your company from maximizing on potential growth? Do you lack visibility of how your customers perceive the quality of your services? Are you anticipating the operational challenges introduced by Networks Functions Virtualization (NFV)?

These are common issues faced by many communication service providers today. Addressing these may require radically transforming the way you operate. For example, it may include moving from a network-centric way of operating to a customer-centric one, or deploying an NFV-ready OSS to successfully manage and orchestrate the hybrid virtualized and non-virtualized environment.

HP addresses all these challenges with our integrated OSS Assurance and Fulfillment solution. This OSS super-suite:

  • Takes a transformational approach to realize your operational business goals
  • Embeds NFV orchestration and management, based on our HP NFV Director solution
  • Provides pre-packaged and pre-configured off-the-shelf solutions to avoid lengthy and costly implementation

HP OSS allows you to grow and anticipate new technologies with confidence – no need to re-build - just re-configure. We call this approach the “Service Operations Factory” – a successful concept proven at hundreds of CSPs world-wide, driving multiple benefits such as reduced risks and costs, protecting your investment for the future, and enabling you to differentiate through superior customer experience to efficiently face competition.


OSS solution areas

Operations Support System Fulfillment Solutions
Streamline and automate processes for customer orders, activation and change management

Operations Support System Assurance Solutions
Assuring quality of the services delivered to end customers

NFV Management
Move into the virtualization era with confidence – meet the operational challenges of NFV with HP NFV Director