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HP addresses e-waste in Africa

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In partnership with HP, the East Africa Computer Recycling center collects electronic waste and processes it according to HP’s international health, safety and environment standards.

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Learn how experience is shared at HP Labs to nurture the development of ideas, innovations and technologies that will impact the future.

This video is to promote and raise awareness of the HP Internship and Graduate programmes

The Barcelona Demo Days are great opportunities for customers for learning more about HP Scitex Industrial Presses.

Input/Output's Lisa Vaas talks with Roy Wattanasin about how to climb the infosec career ladder (without making enemies) by playing well with others, whether you're contributing to open source projects or mentoring a newbie.

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A day in the life of an HP Intern

uploaded 20 November 2013


How to Kickstart Your Infosec Career

uploaded 07 November 2013


1 -2 of 2 Videos