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5 questions to spur security innovation

Sometimes the best innovations are right under your nose. In security, there’s a huge opportunity lurking in simply doing more with what you’ve already got.

Look within

In depth

Top-speed security

When the business wants faster software releases, security can’t always keep up. A panel of security experts says it doesn’t have to be that way.

Race ahead

Leadership perspective

How CIOs can lead for innovation

Three HP experts share what they’ve learned about how change-focused CIOs drive innovation in IT and the business.

Take it higher

CIO insight

Security in a world
demanding innovation

HP Enterprise Security Senior VP Art Gilliland discusses how CISOs can handle increasing demands from the business to deliver IT innovation.

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Security index

Percentage of app users who have decided to not install a cell phone app when they discovered how much personal information they would need to share in order to use it.1

Percentage of app users who have uninstalled an app that was already on their cell phone because they learned it was collecting personal information that they didn’t wish to share.1

Percentage of corporations expected by 2015 to have formal programs for monitoring social media for security breaches and incidents. (Currently, fewer than 10% of those surveyed had such programs.)2

One question

Q: How do you balance security with user needs?

A: Consider your automobile seat belt ... you’re not being asked to strap into a 5-point safety harness … too difficult, too much of a hassle. That magic word, “hassle,” is what makes security so difficult. … Usability is critical and it must be balanced against the risk level (security). It takes time, consulting the user (no matter who that may be), and trial and error before we’ve found a good balance between being secure and usable.

— Rafal Los, HP Software security strategist, on his Wh1t3Rabbit security blog

1 “Privacy and Data Management on Mobile Devices ,” Pew Internet & American Life Project, Sept. 2012

2 “Conduct Digital Surveillance Ethically and Legally: 2012 Update,” Gartner Inc., May 2012


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