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BI beyond the desktop

Seize the huge mobile business intelligence opportunity by clearing key IT and human roadblocks.

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Lead on mobile IT

IT shouldn’t follow the business on mobility. IT leaders should start by making their own department fully mobile.

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Information governance in the cloud

Autonomy offers insight for tapping the higher ROI of cloud to boost e-discovery, archiving and governance.

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Master your information, draw real meaning

Colin Mahony, VP/GM of HP’s Vertica, talks about Hadoop, the importance of unstructured data and the need to juggle raw data.

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Information management index

Percentage of enterprises that report using or developing advanced analytics/big data tools.1

Percentage of enterprises that say their main data analysis/BI tools for structured data are spreadsheets and ad hoc reports.1

Percentage of midmarket and large enterprises whose infrastructure-as-a-service usage involves data storage. 2

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Q: How do you create a big data strategy?

A: Understand your business vision and goals. Create a strategy for the data hoard as a part of your data architecture. This should be a part of your annual or periodic Enterprise Architecture review, or perhaps a “spring cleaning” project to address the hoarding. What does your data contain that yields value? This is not just an IT decision about what can be offered, but a discussion with the business—marketing, sales, manufacturing, order fulfillment, and any organization that can potentially benefit from the hoard. This is an important dialogue between the business and IT, resulting in an executable strategy. IT brings data to the table, business brings its goals and needs.

— Ken Larson, senior enterprise architect, HP, on the Enterprise CIO Forum

1 "Big Data: Extracting Value from Your Digital Landfills," AIIM, 2012

2 "2012 Public Cloud Computing Trends," Enterprise Strategy Group., March 2012


IT leader assessment

This tool evaluates the correlation between IT attributes and business success and, based on how your answers compare with average scores, will advise you where to invest in IT.

It is based on data HP collected from 650 global companies about a range of IT characteristics (server capacities, approach to information management, security, BYOD, etc.) and how they correlate to revenue gain. This assessment will compare your answers to the average scores in that study.

There are 12 questions that will require an estimated 10 minutes of your time. You'll receive a summary of your rating upon completion.

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