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Mobile monitoring: Hit a moving target

The business has gone mobile, making many traditional NOC headaches worse. Here’s how to get ahead.

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Lead on mobile IT

IT shouldn’t follow the business on mobility. IT leaders should start by making their own department fully mobile.

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3 smart ways to automate your data center

Automation helps global cloud provider Savvis cut labor costs and quicken time to new services.

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Get control of cloud services before it's too late

Marc Wilkinson, chief technologist of HP Services, talks about what Service Integration and Management brings to your cloud deployments.

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Operations index

Percentage of respondents who cited supporting multiple device types/form factors as a top mobile concern.1

Percentage of companies using cloud services citing business continuity and disaster-recovery readiness of the vendor as a concern.2

Percentage of companies who cited their own Internet bandwidth and connectivity as the leading inhibitor of the performance of cloud-based apps (the leading factor cited).2

One question

Q: How do you shift an ITSM strategy from "implementing processes" to "realizing value"?

A: What does service management look like from the customers’ perspective? They are not interested in whether the right incident management process is followed. They are interested in the outcome: “Is my laptop fixed yet?” “When will the new service be launched?” We can characterise these outcomes as a series of value-chains through the ITIL processes, such as event to fix, request to fulfillment and demand to production. This approach lets you quantify the value add of each step as well as the value realised at the end of the chain. … Instead of implementing discrete processes, you can focus on a particular chain and its elements and optimise for the whole.

— David Wheable, global lead, HP Service Management, via the ITILigent Service Management blog

1 "Quick Poll: Enterprise Mobility Trends," IDG for HP, August 2012

2 "2012 State of Cloud Computing Survey," Information Week, March 2012


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