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HP Software's community for IT leaders // January 2013


The CIO’s guide to 2013

We asked technologists and thought leaders what needs to be top-of-mind for the CIO of today—and tomorrow. We also surveyed IT executives. Here’s what they said.

Embrace the future


IT needs some ‘me time’

IT guru Gene Kim previews his business novel about a struggling IT department’s turnaround, and explains what IT executives should prioritize over “putting out fires.”

Story time


Evolving your SaaS strategy

HP Software CIO Saum Mathur says SaaS will be one of the biggest opportunities for IT leaders in the year ahead.

Serves you right


Big data: Do something with it

Autonomy’s chief architect says CIOs are less interested in buzzwords than in what analytics can do for them.

Cut to the chase

CIO insight

Manage change—faster

Philip Randles of IT service provider Steria discusses how a single global solution for change management accelerates time-to-market.

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    Executive index

    Percentage of organizations currently using SaaS services. (An added 17 percent said they plan to adopt their first SaaS solutions.)1

    Percentage of organizations using at least one type of public cloud service in a survey of 614 midmarket and large enterprises.1

    Percentage, among information workers' total set of mobile and PC devices, that are used strictly for work. (60% of devices see both work and personal use.)2

    One question

    Q: Which tech innovation value to enterprise IT is most underestimated?

    A: What’s underestimated are the unique opportunities and challenges of serving an enterprise workforce. For instance, privacy concerns are a big deal for individual consumers but a lot less significant in the workplace. The real opportunity lies with those who understand the challenges of an enterprise environment and the importance of combining these four major converging forces: cloud, social, big data, and mobility.

    — Ahi Gvirtsman, head of innovation, HP Software, on the Discover Performance blog

    1 "2012 Public Cloud Computing Trends," Enterprise Strategy Group, March 2012

    2 "Info Workers Using Mobile And Personal Devices For Work Will Transform Personal Tech Markets," Forrester Research Inc., February 2012


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